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Upekkha Therapy

Be Peace

therapy done differently

Upekkha is a term that refers to the Buddhist concept of equanimity. Rooted in insight, upekkha is a perfect balance of the mind that is calm and even, particularly in difficult situations. In other words, it is about seeing without being caught up what you see; being free of entanglements and capable of genuineness and authenticity

We see our work as involving therapy, certainly, but in a way going way beyond that to helping all being be free in this way.

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Fellow travelers on the path

Our team is deeply dedicated to exploring and understanding what it means to be human. We do not see ourselves as any different from those we work with. We value and practice genuineness, vulnerability, sensitivity, and kindness. 

We all look forward to joining in with you on our shared journey to grow, understand, and be free to be what we truly are.

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about our work

Are you struggling to overcome your past?  Do you find yourself feeling stuck and disconnected in your everyday life?  Do you find yourself engaging in repetitive patterns that have become unmanageable and are unsure of how to change?  


Whether you struggle with managing difficult emotions or your behaviors, people have an incredible ability to rise above their challenges and achieve healing and connection with the life they want.  


At Upekkha Therapy, we believe in the transformational ability of therapy to overcome past events and present obstacles both in ourselves and our life to find new strength, resolve and meaning.  Our aim is to understand, illuminate and address the root of the issue in order to enact and achieve meaningful and enduring change.

Services offered

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

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