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Jessica Al-Kadi

Trauma Therapist

“Rule 1: The actions of confidence come first; the feelings of confidence come later”        - Russ Harris


As human beings, we find ourselves in "the comfortable and familiar," and sometimes those are not effective in our lives. I believe that regardless of our differences, environments, cultures and trauma histories, we all have the same core needs; safety, belonging, love, validation, attunement and healthy attachments. With attuning to clients and experiencing my own healing journey, I grew fond of the human experience. I am in awe of people's resilience. You already know how to cope and survive. But if you want transformation and transcendence, join me and let's get to the root of the suffering.


I am a new therapist with a fresh new perspective on trauma. I completed my Basic Training in EMDR, and have experience in working with people with Anxiety, ADHD, Addiction, PTSD, generational trauma, and relationship struggles. I use an integration of Attachment-based theory, EMDR, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, DBT, and Schema-Focused Therapy.


In a non-judgmental and safe space, I will prioritize your needs and your vision for your present and future self. Together, we will work on reconnecting with yourself, accepting and mending old wounds. Let’s focus on your autonomy and integrity. You are the expert on your own experience, and I am here to walk with you!

photo of Jessica Al Kadi, LMSW

(716) 703-8809

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